Posted by: michaelverzijl | 01/10/2011

Oracle OpenWorld: day 1

Today was the day to head to San Francisco to join Oracle OpenWorld 2011.

The day started on 05:00 with waking up after a short night sleep. From there drove to Schiphol to check-in my luggage. On Schiphol I met my colleagues Edger Heijligers, Herman Slange and Bas van Oudenaarde (joining Jave One).  Furthermore I met Patrick Broos from the Gemeente Rotterdam.

The plane had a few problems with departing and needed to be shut down before taking off. Not a very safe feeling that a problem in a plane is fixed by a hard reset. Reminds me on the Windows operating system..

After a while the plane left to SFO and curiously arrived on time. After a short waiting time at customs we made it to a cab. The city of San Francisco is always nice to be in. The atmosphere is great (but I didn’t see much Oracle promotion material on buses yet)

On Twitter I saw some rumours about new releases and announcements. Changed some sessions and I’m looking forward to the coming week!

For now it’s time to call it a day. In the timezone where I started the journey it’s 07:15… So Good Morning Netherlands!


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