Posted by: michaelverzijl | 04/10/2011

Review Session Day 2: Oracle Open World

Today was the second Oracle OpenWorld day in San Franciso.
This day was packed with new announcements and more information about the announcements of yesterday.

The day started with a keynote from 08:00 – 10:00. In this Keynote the following was presented:

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c
  • Exalytics
  • Big Data Appliance (available from early 2012)
  • Hadoop Loader

The demos provided were well prepared and give a good overview of the new products.

A screenshot on Enterprise Manager 12c:

The first real session was Oracle BI – General Session
Presented by Balaji Yelamanchili

The following was presented:

  • New release of OBIEE features BI Fusion Apps integeration (
  • BI Apps is now fully integrated with OBIEE 11g

Priorities of the roadmap:

  • In-memory analysis (Exalytics)
  • Historical, transactional and predictive analytics
  • Unstructured analyses
  • User experience (with iPad)
  • Rapid deploy

For Exalytics there is no real competitor. Hanna van BUsinnes Objects is not fully integrated hardware and software.
New versions of OBIEE will be available for both Exalytics as commodity servers (can be configured by a parameter)

The key element of Exalytics is in-memory columnar compression. On this way more data can be kept in memory.

In Exalytics a 3.6 TB hard disk is provided. This disk is only available so that you can shut down the machine by coping the memory to disk. Therefor the memory won’t be flushed and you can safely reboot the machine.

Furthermore there’s adaptive in-memory cache provided with Exalytics. This memory can be configured for certain reports by certain users that are run infrequently.

In Exalytics stale techniques are provided to keep a buffer copy and refresh the data from the DWH. Essbase is also further enhanced and rewritten to cope with Exalytics.

For the End-User experience the following changes have been made:

  • Go-less prompts (prompts will automatically be refreshed without Go-button)
  • High dense visibility (dense micro-charts)
  • Auto complete
  • Auto suggest
  • Contextual actions
  • All on mobile (without rebuilding the report)

Session 2 was on ODI but didn’t provide me with more details (so no report)

Session 3: Always-on Mobile
Presented by Vidhya Ranganathan

In version a new version of Oracle mobile will be released:

  • New application shell (completely rewritten)
  • GPS integration (analyses for current location with geo analyses)
  • Offline capabilities (safe report offline)
  • Drill options on graphics
  • Scorecard
  • Email as inline or attachment
  • Local content can be refreshed
  • Smartview will replace the BI Office plugin currently provided with OBIEE 11g

Mobile BI is all about Consumption and not about creating content.

Session 4: Oracle DWH – Strategy and Roadmap

The goal of the DWH team of Oracle is:

  • Customers can make better decisions
  • Leverage investment in Oracle
  • Rapid BI development

This has been developed to the following model:

BI Tools


BI Middle-Tier


DB Analytics

OLAP/Data mining / Spatial


Partitioning / RAC/ Big Data



All Exa* machines are optimized for each workload

What is Big data?
Big data is defined as:

  • Integrating source systems to make decisions
  • Make these decisions on all of your data
  • This can be video, images, documents, social data, etc.
  • Tapping, finding and driving are keywords in the process of getting big data
  • Keywords are also: High variety, High volume, high complexity, low latency

Required are:

  • Acquire – how can I gat the big data?
  • Organize – how can I store big data?
  • Analyse – how can I analyse big data?

The density of data if furthermore very imported:

  • Low – Data can be useful but needs to be investigated further
  • High – Data is a transaction and need to be loaded in DWH

The Big Data appliance is focussed on Low density data and is engineered for unstructured data.

For more specs please refer to the Oracle website.


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