Posted by: michaelverzijl | 06/10/2011

Introducing Oracle GoldenGate Monitor

Yesterday I joined a session called “Introduction to Oracle GoldenGate Monitor” at Oracle OpenWorld 2011.
The actual release was 2 weeks before OpenWorld, but I think I missed this complete.

What is Oracle GoldenGate Monitor?
This monitor is a new tool that is only available from and can monitor the GoldenGate process end-to-end.
It’s a separate product and doesn’t belong to Oracle GoldenGate Core (you need a license for this)

Currently monitoring the process can be done with the GGSCI tool or Oracle Director. This product is an addition to the Director pack.
If you decide to purchase Director or Monitor, you get the other tool for free in the same pack.

How is GoldenGate Monitor build?
The monitor has been built with ADF and has the standard look-and-feel of a new Oracle product. Currently it’s using Tomcat as a webserver, this because the development of Monitor started before Oracle acquired BEA (weblogic)
In the future release you will see the change to Oracle Weblogic.

What is the difference between Director and Monitor?
Director is a product that came with the acquisition of GoldenGate, Monitor is complete new.
Furthermore you cans still use both:
• Director for some configuration
• Monitor for monitoring the GoldenGate interface

A other difference between Director and Monitor is that Director pulls data from the agents, by Monitor data is pushed from the agent to the central server.
Because of this reason no backwards compatibility is possible because the agents have changed.

Furthermore with Oracle Monitor you also need a backend database for the repository.
This can be:
• Oracle
• SQL-Server

What can you do with Monitor?
• Data and alert views
• Problem summary
• Historical data
• Alert history
• User Management
• View Management

The alerts can be automatically captured and processed with e-mails, SNMP traps or calling an external program (your own Support ticket system).
In monitoring the system you can also see the average LAG running in your solution

Below is a small picture of this product:

Export more to come in the future as this is a nice new addition to Oracle GoldenGate



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  2. Hi Michael

    In GoldenGate documentation it has been mentioned that it is integrated with ODI. Does it supports Informatica too ? Can we use Oracle Golden Gate for data pump to target system and informatica as ETL tool


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