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Review Session Day 5: Oracle Open World

Today was the final day of Oracle OpenWorld 2011.
Because of the final day no more keynotes and big new announcements.

Followed a few sessions and will briefly discuss them here.

Session 1: Choose your Weapon
Presented by Sten Vesterli

Sten had the fortune to present the first session after the appreciation event at 9.
He did a good job keeping everyone awake.

He discussed the journey a forms application can take to migrate to more modern solutions.
These are the options:

  • ADF Business components and ADF Faces
  • Application Express
  • Stick with Forms as support is guaranteed till at least 2017

Furthermore he mentioned BI Publisher as the default reporting tool as booth ADF and Application express lack this option.

Session 2: GoldenGate Advanced Features and Best Practices
Presented by Steve Wilkes and Shan Navaz

In a short period much was discussed about optimizing and analysing the performance of GoldenGate:

  • LAGREPORT can write an error in the log file if the GoldenGate process is getting behind
  • Always make comments (–) in scripts
  • Use Macros and see them as functions for your parameter file
  • Name your extract not ending on a number (So: AT_01_BI is bad but AT_BI_01 is better)
  • LT = Local trail, RT = Remote trail (naming convention)

You can divide and conquer the data:

  • Range: form of hash partitioning (one file is split is separate processes)
  • Parallel groups: Related tables in one group (takes more memory)
    • 1 Extract
    • 1 Datapump
    • 3 replicat
    • Parameter MAXTRANSOPS
      • NOT recommended because logic is changed if operation abends

You can improve extract by using the PASSTHRU parameter (no database connection is used to check the V$ views)
You can improve replicat by changing the mode the replicat is in:

  • Source – Transactions are being applied
  • Normal – Multiple transactions are grouped together
  • Batch – Array processing (by LOB return to source)

If performance degrades you often see that there are switches from BATCH->SOURCE

Advanced features:

  • Event Marker infrastructure (actions on data input)
  • Adapter for writing to flat file
  • JMS adapters for source or target data

With the JMS adapter it’s an option to get data from non-supported systems. Write a JMS que and GG can accept and handle the data.

In a future release Oracle GoldenGate will work better with Oracle Coherence:

  • If data is in cache, data will be provided from cache even if object is changed in database
  • In future release the cache will be refreshed if the data changes
  • Release is planned in 2012 and will use Toplink, in combination with GoldenGate and Coherence

Session 3: Overcoming Data Replication with GoldenGate
Presented by Nick Wagner + Sprint Nextel colleagues

  • GoldenGate is used by large banks, creditcard companies, hospitals etc.
  • It’s become a mission critical application
  • Endianless format is always provided
  • TCPSTATS can be used to track performance
  • In the future release BLOWFISH will be adjusted for Oracle based security

Release 11.2:

  • Support for compressed objects (taken from Streams implementation)
  • Conflict resolution improved
  • XML + XML Binary data type supported

From 11gR2 the 9i database won’t be supported any more.

Sprint provided a solution were they have multiple source systems that are replicated. These source systems write the archive log files to a central server and on this server GoldenGate extracts the transactions.

On this way license costs went down (only 1 server had to be licensed) Currently they are seeing a LAG of 5 minutes due to this construction (which is acceptable)



  1. Is the Goldengate Aadapter paid?

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