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GoldenGate Monitor – Configuration

Afther the installation of Oracle GoldenGate Monitor, you have to configure the Agents and the Server part.

On the Server you need to make sure Java 1.6 is installed correctly.
Make sure in the path variabele this is set:

  • JAVA_HOME = C:\java
  •  PATH contains: %JAVA_HOME%\jre\bin;%JAVA_HOME%\jre\bin\server
Agent – Globals
If you want to enable GoldenGate Monitor you have to configure the GLOBALS file:

With this option you enable the monitoring of all processes within the instance of Oracle GoldenGate.

Agent – Configuration
New in this release is a file called CONFIG.PROPERTIES”.

In the host file you need to configure the following options:

  • => Hostname of the server
  • => Needs to be the same as the in the
  • monitor.jmx.username => The username provided within the installation (case sensitive)
Create Oracle Wallet
In the GoldenGate instance  you need to configure the Oracle Wallet. This can be done with pw_agent_util.bat
On the command prompt do this:
pw_agent_util.bat -create
Provide the correct username/password and the instance is configured correctly.
Starting Monitor
If you startup Monitor and you provided an invalid configuration you will see the errors in: jagent.log


Fail to open connection to Monitor Server; will retry again in 60 seconds
Exception: (lapto).

Starting Monitor – No hosts exists


start manager

Once you started monitor you will see that the Agent will start and configure:

If you open Monitor you will see that the host has been added to Monitor:

Next step is creating a complete solution!



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  2. if you run pw_agent_util.bat -create you will be asked for 2 passwords
    Agent JMX password and then Server JMX password
    are the 2 necessary or only the last one ?
    version of GG is

    • In version both passwords are required:

    • The first password is passed to Oracle GoldenGate Monitors Server when the agent registers.
    • The second password is needed to connect to the Monitor Server. This password must match the JMX password that was entered during the Oracle GoldenGate Monitor installation
    • Are you sure you are using So far I can see only the documentation is available right now. In the new documentation no changes are discussed for Monitor (only GoldenGate docs are available)

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