Posted by: michaelverzijl | 29/11/2011

OWB 11gR2 – 64 bit clients available

As of yesterday OWB 11gR2 Windows and Linux 64-bit clients are available.

For more information take a look here:

In addition to the integrated release of OWB in the Oracle database distribution, the following 64-bit standalone clients are now available for download from Oracle Support.

  • OWB Standalone client for Windows 64-bit – 13365470
  • OWB Standalone client for Linux X86 64-bit – 13366327

This is in addition to the previously released 32-bit client on Windows.

  • OWB Standalone client for Windows 32-bit – 13365457

The support document Major OWB New Features Summary has details for OWB which include the following.

  • Exadata v2 and oracle Database 11gR2 support capabilities;
  • Support for Oracle Database 11gR2 and Exadata compression types
  • Even more partitioning: Range-Range, Composite Hash/List, System, Reference
  • Transparent Data Encryption support
  • Data Guard support/certification
  • Compiled PL/SQL code generation
  • Capabilities to support data warehouse ETL best practices;
  • Read and write Oracle Data Pump files with external tables
  • External table preprocessor
  • Partition specific DML
  • Bulk data movement code templates: Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle

Integration with Fusion Middleware capabilities;

  • Support OWB’s Control Center Agent on WLS

Lots of interesting capabilities in and the availability of the 64-bit client I’m sure is welcome news for many!



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