Posted by: michaelverzijl | 21/02/2012

OBIEE Released – Short overview

Today Oracle released OBIEE This blog describes the changes in this release


  • Standalone installer also installs Catalog Manager (online mode)

New Features for Oracle Business Intelligence Users

  • Auto-Complete Functionality for Prompts
  • Optional Apply and Reset Buttons for Prompts
  • Miscellaneous Prompts Enhancements
  • Favorites
  • Customizable Global Header and Get Started …. Section of the Home Page
  • Oracle BI Client Installer Option Added to the Home Page
  • Integrated Full-Text Search Capabilities
  • Ability to Set Accessibility Mode in the Sign In Page
  • Enhancement to Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile
  • Enhancements to Tables and Pivot Tables
  • Enhancements to Map Views
  • Enhancements to Selections
  • Enhancements to Views
  • BI Composer Enhancements


  • No changes

Oracle BI Metadata Repository Builders

  • Ability to Limit and Offset Rows Returned
  • Identify Query Candidates with Oracle BI Summary Advisor
  • Integrate the Administration Tool with a Third-Party Source Control Management System
  • Streamlined MUD Merge Process
  • Automated Repository Patching Process
  • Support for Aggregate Persistence in a Cluster
  • FIRST_PERIOD and LAST_PERIOD Time Series Functions
  • Ability to Print the Physical and Business Model Diagrams

System Administrators

  • New Configuration Elements for Prompts and Custom Links
  • Changes in the Interface for Fusion Middleware Control
  • Language for the User Interface of the Administration Tool
  • Enhancements for Oracle BI Presentation Catalog
  • Enhancements to Full-Text Search
  • Configuration Settings for Analyses and Dashboards
  • Configuration Settings in NQSConfig.INI


  • New privleges

BI-Publisher Report Designers

  • Report Designers:
  • Improved Create Report Flow
  • Enhancements to Parameter Display Options
  • Support for HTML Formatting in Data
  • Support for PDF/A and PDF/X Output

BI-Publisher Users

  • Edit Scheduled Jobs
  • Event-Driven Schedules
  • Enhancements to Parameter Display Options
  • Favorites Region

BI-Publisher Data Model designers

  • Schedule Triggers for Event-Driven Schedules
  • Enhancements to Parameter Display Options
  • Support for HTML Formatting in Data

When installing this release you must also upgrade the repositories to version (new RCU)

The installation on Linux went smooth, in less than a hour the system is up and running.

If you want to configure the prompt to go without the buttons -> open instanceconfig.xml and add:

By default this option is not enabled.



  1. Hi Michael,

    I am wondering if it is possible to create a report with a calculation. For the basis of this calculation I want use the outcome of other reports.

    In example:
    Report A total: 1.000.000
    Report B total: 2.5

    New report: use a function/calculation to use the total outcome of report A and B.

    If Yes, how can I apply this calculation?
    Thanks in advance.

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