Posted by: michaelverzijl | 27/02/2012

Installing ODI on Windows 7

With this new version of Oracle Data Integrator, Windows 7 64 bit is also supported as a development environment.

To install ODI on Windows 7 follow these steps:

  • Download Java version 1.7.0+ 64 bit
  • Extract the downloaded software
  • Change directories to Disk1 en run setup.exe -jreloc <JAVA_7_PATH>

After that installation runs good.

When you want to start the ODI Studio you get this message:

So open the following file:

And change the following line:


Restart Studio and all should work fine now.



  1. need your help to authenticate external LDAP within ODI agent.

  2. hi,
    i am installing ODI and entering setup.exe -jreloc but i am getting an error, cannot find c:\program\bin\javaw.exe.
    i have both jre and jdk installed.

    help will be appreciated


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