Posted by: michaelverzijl | 26/03/2012

OBI – Page breaks not displayed on dashboard

Last week I did an upgrade from OBIEE 10g to on Windows 2008.
The client has made some dashboard in OBIEE 10g with page breaks so that the report is printed on separated pages.

Unfortunately OBIEE (and earlier releases also) have bugs in displaying page breaks on Dashboards and exported pdf/html.

I modified the sample app to show the error when using page breaks.
The dashboard I will be adjusting looks like this:

In OBIEE you can create the page breaks like this:

This will result in a dashboard page looking like this:

As you may have noticed: the Target Completion Ratio and Monthly Trending are on a separate page (not visible at the dashboard)
When you export the dashboard to a PDF, a second page will be visible with these parts of the dashboard.

If you want to follow the progress of this bug, it’s 13830870 on MOS.

PS: I do believe Oracle has better options available for these kind of reports, BI Publisher for example


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