Posted by: michaelverzijl | 28/03/2012

OBI: exporting analyses to CSV gives different output

We are currently migrating from OBI 10g to OBI 11g ( In 10g a report has been made that contains a custom date format YYYYMMDD. This report is exported from OBI and imported to another system as CSV.

This report looks like:

The report looks like this:

(The first column is the format that has been changed to YYYYMMDD, the second column is the default format)

When the data is exported to CSV you get the following layout:

The date format has changed to YYYY-MM-DD instead of YYYYMMDD

When you include a column with DATETIME in the RPD you get the following output:

After a short investigation on MOS bug 9255767 was found. This bug is classified as an Enhancement, so I don’t expect a quick fix.

A solution would be to:

  • Create an extra column in the RPD of the desired format (YYYYMMDD)
  • Create a function in OBI to extract the year/month/day from date column

    Why are these basic functionalities (what you see is what you get) not proper implemented within OBI???


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