Posted by: michaelverzijl | 29/05/2012

OBIEE Export to Excel [solved!]

A while ago I wrote a post on OBIEE and exporting to Excel. You can find this post here.

In the meantime Oracle has provided a patch to solve this issue.
First of all you need to upgrade to OBIEE with patch 13742915.

After installing this patch you also need to install 14003822 on top of this patch.
Please be aware that patch 14003822 is a Patch Set Exception. In the readme the following is written:

This one-off patch has undergone only basic unit testing. It has not been
through the complete test cycle that is generally followed for a production
patch set. Though the fix in this one-off patch rectifies the bug, Oracle
Corporation will not be responsible for other issues that may arise due to
this fix. Oracle Corporation recommends that you upgrade to the next
production patch set, when it is available. Applying this one-off patch could
overwrite other one-off patches applied since the last patch set. Customers
need to request Oracle Support for a patch that includes those fixes as well
as inform Oracle Support about all the PSE installed when an SR is opened.
Please download, test, and provide feedback as soon as possible to assist in
the timely resolution of this problem.

So: please do test this patch before applying this to production.



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