Posted by: michaelverzijl | 27/07/2018

Oracle-BI upgrade to

Recently we upgraded our Oracle BI environment from to Major reason for this upgrade is that support of version will be out of error correction support on August 31st.  After this there will be no more one-off patches provided.

Steps involved:

  1. Install JAVA
  2. Install Weblogic
  3. Install
  4. Readiness check repository upgrade
  5. Execute repository upgrade
  6. Reconfig Domain
  7. Upgrade Domain Component Configurations

All details can be found via:

The upgrade itself went smoothly, although a few issues occurred. My notes of these issues:

In this file we have our SSL configuration stored. The upgrade removes these lines, so make a backup before you continue. File location: $DOMAIN_HOME/nodemanager/

TNSNames location changed

Before this release the location was: [DOMAIN_HOME]/config/fmwconfig/bienv/core
This has now been changed to: [DOMAIN_HOME]/bidata/components/core/serviceinstances/ssi/oracledb [this directory doesn’t exists by default, so you have to create it]

Lightweight SSO

As we are using the eBS integration we need to disable the lightweight SSO. Following steps are executed:

cd /u01/app/obi/

Patching Oracle-BI

During our installation the following patches have been installed:

  • 27401639 (Oracle Recommended)
  • 27479453 (Oracle Recommended)
  • 27823500 (Oracle Recommended)
  • 28043947 (header not available after upgrade to
  • 27443959 (Line in graph in IE not shown correctly)

Enable eBS Cookie again

As the cookie setup is in the Oracle home setup, we need to apply this part again.
Change the following file: /u01/app/obi/

Enable HTML

By default HTML columns are disabled in This needs to be enabled by editing the instanceconfig.xml file.
Include the following code in the <Security> tag:


PDF Print -> € sign is not visible

This was also an issue in Fixed by creating the following directory:

mkdir /u01/app/obi/
cp /u01/app/obi/* /u01/app/obi/

Action Link – Export link not visible

When navigating from Action Link to detail report, the corresponding export link is not shown.
If the export setting is changed from dashboard to page setting the export link is visible. For this a SR has been raised and Oracle confirmed this is a bug.

Work-around is to change the dashboard setting to page setting on all dashboards containing action links.

Admintool – Online ODBC

In Windows 7 it’s not possible to add an ODBC connection towards the repository. During setup the following error is shown:
The setup routines for the oracle BI Server could not be loaded due to system error code 998: Invalid access to memory location (<install loc\bi\bifoundation\server\bin\nqsetup.dll)

Currently still under investigation by Oracle.

Update 29-NOV-2018: Please see document 2473944.1 for a solution on this issue.

Dynamic Repository Variable Refresh

Patch 27766951 is created for this issue, but not yet available for Should be available within 2-3 weeks.


  1. Thanks Michael, very useful!

  2. Very useful information. I am upgrading several clients from to and I have the same online client issue with odbc. Any updates from Oracle?

    • Hi,
      Unfortunately Oracle can’t reproduce this issue and therefore can’t provide a solution for it.
      We got fixed when we had a new OS installed [migrated from Windows 7 to Windows 10]


  3. Hi Franklin,

    Note 2473944.1 on Oracle Support has the solution towards online odbc connections. You need to set your ORACLE_HOME towards the OBI installation folder. For example:

    ORACLE_HOME C:\obiee\12214

    After this, it should work fine.

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